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Charleston Bending Brace

Charleston Bending Brace offers a revolutionary approach to the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. While similar to other systems that employ bending to correct adolescent scoliotic curves the Charleston Bending Brace is a nocturnal only treatment. By taking advantage of the non weight bearing postures in sleep the pelivs can be manipulated, thereby enhancing the correction of some lower curves. Nighttime only wear frees the adolescent of the negative body image so often associated with this type of treatment, allowing full participation in normal, social, athletic, and academic activities.

Life With Your Charleston Bending Brace

Charleston Bending Brace Brochure Click here to download this full color fifteen page brochure designed to provide facts and answer questions about the Charleston Bending Brace treatment.

This brochure is targeted to families and teens and written to be understood by readers of all backgrounds. It is full of easily digestable information as to how the Charleston Bending Brace impacts the patient and the patient's lifestyle.

adolescent scoliosis link Here at CBB.ORG we realize that parents and teens have many questions about adolescent scoliosis and its treatment options. Taylor, a thirteen year old suffering from adolescent scoliosis and currently undergoing treatment with the Charleston Bending Brace will answer your questions to provide the patientís perspective.

Click here to visit this site and ask any questions you may have about your scoliosis treatment options. We have also added a list of celebrities that have suffered from scoliosis.

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